On Premise Chatbots

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Chatbots who are able to work independently of external services are considered On Premise Chatbots. On Premise can therefore be seen as a counterpart to a cloud. [1]

This approach ensures that bots' conversations do not get to third-party providers. However, it follows from this that services for the artificial intelligence of a bots can no longer be provided by cloud providers, such as Google Dialog flowcan be obtained. The understanding of the natural language must therefore either be developed in-house or be based on open source and on premise solutions. Examples are RASA, ana.chat or bot. [2,3]

Another approach is the hybrid cloud. Components of the cloud are mixed with On Premise solutions. 4] This guarantees control over conversations and at the same time complex services such as Dialogflow for Natural Language Processing can be obtained from the cloud. [5]

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