Tonality of Chatbots

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Chatbot tonality is the tone of voice of the chat bot. For both chatbots and voicebots, tonality determines the style of communication with a user. The tone of voice is a very important part of the Conversational Designs and also plays an important rolein theuser experience ofchatbots.

Relevance of Chatbot Tonality

The chatbot is usually part of an overall communication strategy. For this reason, it is very important to present a consistent image. Since chatbots are conversational user interfaces that are built in dialogue form, some other components have to be considered in comparison to graphical user interfaces (apps, websites). Chatbots are often equipped with characters that are supposed to represent the company or organisation. In addition to the visual component, conversational UIs should also have a particular tone and mode of expression.

Indications of good tonality

  • How does communication with customers currently take place on other channels?
  • How are my company's customers addressed? (You/they)
  • Which language suits my chatbot Use Case?
  • Which target group do I want to address with the chatbot?
  • What values, beliefs and ethics does my company embody in terms of communication?
  • Which guidelines and guidelines already exist with regard to external presentation?
  • Should the chatbot use emojis?

Ultimately, it is important for every company to find an individual way of communicating in other channels in the future. On the one hand the current communication can be maintained and supplemented naturally or on the other hand naturally also completely new ways can be gone and thus its enterprise or its mark more kommunikativer and more innovative to set up.

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